Panel PC - V Panel Express


The new Panel PCs 'V Panel Express' 121/150/170 based on ETXexpress / COM Express technology offer supreme computing performance at low power consumption.

The ETX technology permits scaleable CPU performances for a wide range of industrial applications. The integrated innovative cooling concept realizes a passive and fanless cooling for highest processor performance up to Intel® Core™ Duo processor technology. This allows critical and highly complex realtime applications to run on one computer almost twice the performance.

The V Panel Express series systems are computer supported, compact, high performance human machine interfaces for tough industrial demands.

Together with Profimatics GmbH, Kontron has equipped the V Panel Express line for the OEM field for hard realtime in Industrial Ethernet. A realtime operating system was developed which is tailored to Intel x86 processors and is particularly suited for realtime Ethernet applications such as EtherCAT. Because EtherCAT is an open realtime solution with extremely short delay and cycle times it is of particular interest for the fields of automation, production, and manufacturing, where hard realtime is demanded again and again.


  • Scalable display sizes: 12.1"/15"/17"
  • Performance: up to Intel® Core™ Duo processor
  • Fanless cooling concept
  • Resistive analog touch screen
  • Up to 1024 Mbyte main memory
  • 5 x USB (1 x front, 4 x rear side), 1 x LAN 10/100, 1 x LAN 100/1000, 2 x RS232
  • IP 65 front (NEMA 250 type 12 and 13)
  • Power supply: 24 VDC
  • Windows XP, Windows XP Embedded, Linux, Linux Embedded


Panel PC - V Panel Express



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