The EtherCAT® bus node JX3-BN-EC is a gateway between an EtherCAT® master and JX3-I/O modules by Jetter.

JX3-BN-EC modules are used for the purpose of setting up distributed I/O stations. They enable synchronous communication between controller and distributed JX3 peripheral modules via EtherCAT®.


  • Automatic addressing
  • CoE (CAN application protocol over EtherCAT®) is supported
  • Compliant with EtherCAT® Modular Device Profile
  • Synchronous communication via Distributed Clocks (DC Sync)
  • Up to 32 JX3 expansion modules can be connected (corresponding to 512 I/O channels)
  • LEDs indicate the state of communication and supply voltage.

Available expansion modules:

  • JX3-DI16, 16 digital inputs, IEC 61131-2 type 3, pnp, pulse stretching, digital input filters, counter function
  • JX3-DIO16, 8 digital inputs + 8 multi-purpose I/Os, filter, pulse stretching, PWM, counter function, short-circuit detection 
  • JX3-DO16, 16 digital outputs 24VDC 0.5A, PWM, short-circuit detection 
  • JX3-AI4, 4 analog inputs, 16 Bits, -10V..+10V, 0..10V. 0(4)..20mA, scaling, averaging, limits monitoring, slave pointer, osciloscope 
  • JX3-AO4, 4 analog outputs, 16 Bits, -10V..+10V, 0..10V, 0(4)..20mA, scaling, limits monitoring, slave pointer, osciloscope, table mode 
  • JX3-THI2-RTD, 2 inputs for temperature measuring with PT-100/1000 sensor
  • JX3-THI2-TC, 2 inpuits for temperature measuring with thermocouple-type sensors
  • JX3-DMS2, 2 inputs for a direct measurement of strain, force and pressure with load cells 
  • JX3-CNT, counter module for single, dual or SSI channel counting 
  • JX3-MIX, multi-purpose expansion module comnbines digital, analog I/Os, counterinput and a stepper motor controller







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