Laumas TLBETHERCAT is a complete, calibratable weighing instrument. Thanks to its new generation electronics the weight can be measured very fast and with extreme accuracy. Measuring is not affected by mechanical or EMI disturbances thanks to sophisticated analog and digital filters.

TLBETHERCAT has an integrated EtherCAT port so it can be easily connected to an EtherCAT network for AUTOMATIC AND NON-AUTOMATIC WEIGHING APPLICATIONS. TLBETHERCAT can be used in any weighing application involving a Programmable Controller (PLC) with an EtherCAT port as for example the OMRON or BECKHOFF ones.

Thanks to its slim form (only 25mm wide!), you can install many TLBETHERCAT units on Omega DIN Rail in a very little space. TLBETHERCAT has an integrated display and 4 keys for easily configuring, testing, weighing verifying and programming.

Main features:

  • Dimensions: 25x115x120mm
  • Six-digit semialphanumeric display (8mm h),7 segment LED
  • Four buttons for calibration and parameters setting
  • Input signal +/- 7mV/V
  • Display resolution +/-999.999
  • 24bit A/D converter (16000000) 4.8 kHz
  • Up to 300 conversions per second
  • 2 logic inputs
  • 3 relay outputs
  • EtherCAT slave port
  • RS485 port (ASCII Laumas protocol or Modbus RTU protocol)
  • Weight transmitter approved OIML R61 (Automatic Gravimetric Filling Instruments) according to WELMEC Guide 8.8:2011 (MID)
  • CE- M approvable EN45501-2009/23/EC-OIML R76:2006