SS-EC StepSERVO™ Drives and Motors


SS-EC drives and motors are slave motion control axes that support CANopen over EtherCAT (CoE) control, allowing them to be integrated into new and existing EtherCAT networks. Supported CiA 402 operating modes include Profile Position, Profile Velocity, Profile Torque, Cyclic Synchronous Position, and Cyclic Synchronous Velocity.


StepSERVO™ motor and drive technology is based on the closed loop servo control of high torque step motors. The result is a motor and drive system that provides greater torque, acceleration, and throughput than traditional step motor systems. It also runs cooler, quieter, and smoother than conventional steppers.


StepSERVO drives, motors, and integrated motors are used in both new and existing applications, often where step motors have been traditionally disregarded due to poor open loop performance. With significant increases in torque and dynamic response compared to open loop, StepSERVO axes provide a new level of motion control solution to innovative machine builders and OEMs in packaging, material handling, medical devices, laboratory eqiupment, electronics assembly, 3D printing, and more.


  • A range of motor sizes including NEMA 11, 17, 23, 24, and 34
  • Supply voltages of 24 to 60 volts DC
  • Keep-alive function with auxiliary power supply
  • 8 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs, and 2 analog inputs for wiring to external switches and sensors
  • Dual-port EtherCAT connections for line and ring network support
  • Stored Q program execution over the network with Applied Motion-specific CANopen objects


SS-EC StepSERVO™ Drives and Motors


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