207-D Series I/O Modules

TPM offers a wide range of multi-channel I/O modules starting from 4CH up to 96CH digital & analog I/O modules with pluggable terminal in slim dimensions.

Digital I/O modules

  • 207‐D240‐NX/PX 32CH‐DI
  • 207‐D222‐NNS/PPS 16CH‐DI &16CH‐DO
  • 207‐D411‐NNS/PPS 8CH‐DI & 8CH‐DO
  • 207‐D402H‐XNS/XPS 16CH‐DO
  • 207‐D521‐NNS / PPS 32CH‐DI & 16CH‐DO
  • 207‐D532‐NNS / PPS 48CH‐DI & 32CH‐DO
  • 207‐D533‐NNS / PPS 48CH‐DI & 48CH‐DO

Digital I/O plug-in modules

  • EZE-D2xx Series
    • 32-Ch. DI/O Module
    • Max. 100Mbps transfer rate
    • LED diagnostic
  • EZE-D4xx Series
    • 16-Ch. DI/O Module
    • Max. 100Mbps transfer rate
    • LED diagnostic
  • EZE-D5xx Series
    • 64 / 80 / 96-Ch. DI/O Module
    • Max. 100Mbps transfer rate
    • LED diagnostic

The 207 series comprises industrial EtherCAT slave modules with additional plug‐in feature which is cost‐effective for users to exchange module seperately.

EtherCAT features

  • Serial Interface: Full‐Duplex EtherCAT
  • Distributed Clock: 1ms
  • Cable Type: CAT5 UTP/STP Ethernet cable
  • Surge protection: 10KV
  • Transmission Speed: 100Mbps
  • I/O Isolation Voltage: 3750Vrms
  • Input Type: NPN/PNP type
  • Input Impedance: 5.6KΩ/0.5W
  • Input Current: +/‐5mA (Max)
  • Output Type: NPN: open collector Darlington
  • Integral suppression on diodes for inductive loads
  • Switch Capacity: Each output CH is 100mA at 24VDC
  • Response Time: On to Off: 50μs; Off to On: 10μs
  • Over Current Protection 1A (M ax) for each port (8‐CH)