AccurET Modular 600

AccurET Modular position controllers cover a wide range of voltage and current levels in a compact solution. Their modular mounting design makes them a very compact solution.

  • AccurET 600 is available in two current variants: 15 / 40 Arms
  • Each controller can drive two axes and a single power supply can be used for multiple AccurETs sharing the same DC bus voltage.
  • No rack is needed, making the required volume only dependent on the number of driven axes
  • Simplified power and communication cabling as well as modular cooling unit make the machine installation and maintenance easy to perform.
  • AccurET current loop is highly reliable: Parasitic movements can be avoided thanks to its very low noise. In addition, its high bandwidth allows to maximize the bandwidth of the position loop and benefit from advanced feedforward, and better compensate for friction, viscosity, as well as repeatable perturbations such as cogging, etc.
  • Very well suited for high speed applications requiring high accuracy at the same time: the trajectory filter function is an enhanced vibration suppression function used to reduce machines’ vibrations and settling time.
  • Customized motion sequences can be run on each controller thanks to the ETEL structured programming language. For more performance, each controller can run up to two motion sequences in parallel, independently of the other axes.
  • Integrated protection and diagnostics for machine and, more importantly, stage protection: over-temperature detection, over-current and voltage, loss of feedback, etc


AccurET Modular 600




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