Linear Absolute Encoders

LA46, LP 46, LMP30
Strokes up to 4 m.

  • LA46 - for direct integration into hydraulic cylinders with pressure proof protection tube
  • LP46 - industrial standard in profile housing for machine integration
  • LMP30 - flat profile

The devices integrate smoothly into the EtherCAT-Topology with 100 Mbit/s; Connection to the Network and Power is done with standard conform M12-connectors. Adresses are given (as usual with EtherCAT) by the master resp. automatically. Switches... at the encoder are not nessecary. Bus state is displayed with LED, visible from the outside. Sensors for direct EtherCAT connection made by TR follow most current standards incl. programming via EtherCAT.

Standard resolutions 1/100 mm, 1/1000 on request.


Linear Absolute Encoders



TR-Electronic GmbH

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