ECC - EtherCAT Current Converter

Redcurs EtherCAT Current Converter (ECC) fully integrates the LEM current transducers into your EtherCAT system. The ECC digitizes the analog output of the LEM transducers to a 24 bit resolution. Moreover, it provides power to the transducer and monitors its operational status. No additional equipment is required.

The ECC supports EtherCAT cycle times down to 50μs. For higher cycle times it provides oversampling. The accuracy of the measurement values is 0,005% of measurement range. Calibration services according to DIN ISO 17025 or DAKKS are provided on request. Only DC measurements are supported.

The following LEM devices are supported: IT 60-S, IT 200-S, IT 400-S, IN 500-S, ITN 600-S, IT 700-S, IT 1000-S, IN 1000-S, IN 2000-S

Please refer to for detailed specifications.

The ECC is distributed by SIGNALTEC GmbH.


ECC - EtherCAT Current Converter



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