Connect-it! Ethernet RZ/N1D Solution Kit

The RZ/N1D solution kit is an all-in-the-box package for fast evaluation and rapid prototyping of multiple industrial Ethernet protocols. Due to the unique combination of hardware and software, developers can focus only on developing the application software.

The CONNECT IT! ETHERNET RZ/N1D solution kit is based on the RZ/N1D, a 5-port, industrial Ethernet communication SoC with an optimal balance between performance and power consumption. The chip features two independent blocks integrated in a single package – a communication block based on the proven multi-protocol R-IN Engine, as well as an application block with a dual ARM® Cortex®-A7 and a variety of peripherals.

Numerous industrial Ethernet protocols have been developed within a unified communication abstraction layer. Transparent for the application software, this abstraction layer has a documented API allowing the application software to be developed without having to worry about the details of industrial Ethernet protocols. Even more, these protocols can be easily exchanged, with minimal impact on the application software.


Connect-it! Ethernet RZ/N1D Solution Kit



Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH

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