ES951 e-CORE

"ES951 e-core" is the first smart Electrospindle designed and manufactured for the woodworking sector. Thanks to "e-core" technology, the Electrospindle is now able to collect, process and store information relating to its status and sending them to the machine CNC control.

Capabilities - Industry 4.0 Ready:

  • Air tool
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Double SignalSpeed control
  • Fieldbus Connection
  • SRS Sensor Remote Set-Up
  • Encoder
  • Motor Temperature Monitoring
  • Modular Assembly
  • Bearings Temperature Monitoring

Top Features

SMART CONTROL SYSTEM: allows the detection and processing of a large amount of data on the Electrospindle, some even in real time. The main data includes: Motor temperature, Electrospindle rotation speed, Storage of the hours worked at different rotation speeds, Cooling fan rotation control, Monitoring of front bearings temperature, Digital sensor calibration.

MODULARITY: the ES951 has been designed with a Modular Assembly system. For example, the Shaft Kit is replaced from the front and DOES NOT involve removing other components. Generally speaking, the main components can be dismantled directly on the machine, so as to guarantee simple, fast and precise maintenance. The ES951 e-core is available with Liquid, 24V Electric fan or Forced Air cooling.

CONFIGURABILITY: the ES951 Series is available in a wide range of configurations (kW power levels, ISO30 / HSK F63 couplings, cooling systems, long / short nose geometries…). The configurations are interchangeable, so as to guarantee high levels of machine design flexibility.

VIBRATION SENSOR: the Vibration Sensor is a new "smart" device (three-axis accelerometer + CPU for data processing) which is fitted on the ES951 (available in the Fieldbus version) to monitor: Excessive vibrations, Unbalanced tools, Collisions. The vibration control allows timely detection of potential problems, increasing the Machine's reliability and reducing production down time.


ES951 e-CORE



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