MicroNode™ I/O Compact Networked I/O

The EtherCAT® MicroNode™ is a highly flexible I/O device capable of connecting multiple analog and digital I/O devices at point-of-use, simplifying installation by removing long cable routings. With combined high-density analog and digital capability, the MicroNode reduces the number of I/O devices required. This compact device has a DIN rail mounting and provides easy access to I/Os via a standard 50 pin D-sub connector to interface with field I/O wiring, making installation quick and easy. The MicroNode provides diagnostic capability over EtherCAT® using CAT 5 network cabling, ensuring fast alerts for fault detection. Configurable with a combination of digital I/O points and analog input and output points, the EtherCAT® MicroNode is a highly flexible, network I/O device.

Features & Benefits:

  • High density analog & digital combination of I/O points in a compact form factor
  • Digital I/O points available in either sink or source versions
  • Flexible Digital I/O points individually configurable for input or output
  • Single-ended analog input and output points, with 16-bit resolution
  • Status LEDs for monitoring Device, ECAT and all digital I/O points
  • Configurable EtherCAT® network ID with rotary switches
  • Simplified Wiring & low cost


EtherCAT® I/O gateway for a direct I/O activated device (such as power supplies, generators, manifolds & other Analog/Digital I/O devices)


MicroNode™ I/O Compact Networked I/O


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