esiMot SL

esiMot SL - Decentralised Servo Drives

esiMot SL decentralised servo-drives from esitron-electronic feature valuable advantages compared to standard solutions. The true all-in-one design requires only external logic supply and mains motor-power supply. No voluminous control cabinet modules are required. With EtherCAT connection the bus-axle is complete. Besides EtherCAT, other leading fieldbus systems are supported. Up to 2.9kW nominal power with peak torque of up to 42Nm facilitate a wide range of applications.

The starter-kit „ServoLink“ ensures user-friendly parameterisation and commissioning. Intelligent functions like the online-diagnostics, oscilloscope with variable trigger functions and on-the-fly regulator adjustment speed-up initiation.


  • CoE
  • Direct connection to 3x400V AC mains
  • Maintenance-free brushless servo-motor
  • Mains filter and ballast integrated
  • Separate logic supply 24VDC
  • Positioning, speed-regulator mode, modulo positioning
  • Galvanically insulated fieldbus interface, internal switch, M12 connectors
  • 8 Digital inputs assignable to internal functions or use as an remote input
  • 2 Digital outputs assignable to internal functions or us as an remote output
  • Safe Torque Off via 2 digital inputs (Cat. 3 PL e) (Optional)
  • Direct status and diagnostics function through LEDs
  • Holding brake (Optional) with brake management
  • Absolute encoder (battery-less) (Optional)
  • IP65
  • Gearboxes (Optional)

About esitron

The esitron-electronic GmbH is a successful manufacturer of controls for the automation of production and special purpose machines since 1989. The focus is on positioning controls for electric or hydraulic drives. The esiMot range of decentralized servo drives has been constantly growing in importance since its introduction in 2004.

With the latest esiMot SL, the available power range is significantly increased. The all-in-one concept remains unchanged. Other members of this family are esiMot, esiMot XL and the control cabinet module SC10.


esiMot SL



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