N-Smart Sensor Series

E3NX-FA High-performance digital fiber amplifier
The E3NX-FA amplifier is best choice for most challenging fiber applications in terms of long sensing distance, minute object detection or high speed processes. Easy teaching by Smart tuning within a few seconds.

E3NC High precision laser sensor family
Sensor heads with variable spot and advanced CMOS sensing heads for high precision positioning and demanding applications up to 1.2m sensing distance. High detection stability independent from color or surface structure. Lens attachments for line beam applications.

E9NC-T Contact Sensors
The robust E3NC-T contact sensors provide long life service of more than 60 million slide operations. Slim Sensor Heads and compact and amplifiers save space in cabinet and machine.

E3NW Sensor Communication Unit
Connect up to 30 sensors.


N-Smart Sensor Series



OMRON Corporation

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