MESCO SIL3 Design Package

The MESCO SIL3 Design Package is an evaluation board for electronic developments in the area of safety functions. Safety developments in particular, which have to meet the requirements of IEC61508 SIl2/SIL3, can thus be implemented more efficiently, more easily and with significantly less risk.

It consists of a generically designed industrial Ethernet interface (renesas R-IN32M3), 2 high-performance microcontrollers (renesas Synergy S7) with cross communication and exemplary designed, diagnostic digital safety inputs and outputs.

The architecture is designed for safety-relevant safety Ethernet protocols such as EtherCAT/FSoE. The secure data is passed on to the two Synergy Controllers by means of black channel technology and processed there safely. Thus, the safe outputs can be switched and the safe input signals can be evaluated.

The platform is predestined for applications in the field of drive technology and safety I/O.

  • SIL3 MESCO Design Package - SIL3
  • 1x Renesas R-IN32M3 microcontroller for functional safe communication
  • 2x Renesas Synergy S7 microcontroller (application)
  • Safe Input / Safe Output

Your advantage:

  • Simpler and faster safety development
  • Shorter time-to-market with the supplemantary MESCO development service
  • Reduced development risk
  • Simplified certification

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MESCO SIL3 Design Package


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