EC-Engineer Configuration and Diagnosis Tool

The EC-Engineer is a powerful software tool used for configuration and diagnosis of EtherCAT® networks. Using this single tool one can handle all required engineering and diagnosis tasks in a quick and comfortable way. The modern, clear and very intuitive user interface, which is also rarely using popup dialogs, is crucial for a smooth experience in configuring and diagnosis of customer's EtherCAT® systems.

General Features

  • Standard- and Expert-Mode
  • Configuration of multiple master systems within one project
  • EtherCAT slaves connected to the Windows PC
  • EtherCAT slaves connected to the control system
  • ESI and EMI Manager
  • Command line interface for smart integration

Configuration Features

  • Import ESI (EtherCAT Slave Information) files according to ETG.2000
  • Export ENI-(EtherCAT Network Information) files according to ETG.2100
  • Automatic determination of the connected slaves (bus scan)
  • PDO selection and configuration
  • Transparent integration of MDP (Modular Device Profile) slaves
  • Fixed process data memory layout for the slaves
  • Distributed Clocks (DC) settings
  • Definition of "Hot Connect" groups
  • Supports several fieldbus gateways

Diagnosis Features

  • Master- and slave state (display and control)
  • Process (I/O) data (display and control)
  • ESC Register (read and write)
  • EEPROM SII access
  • Master and slave object dictionaries including history object
  • Mailbox transfers CoE, SoE, etc.
  • Effective ways to find problems in the network (error counters, cable quality)
  • Firmware upload and download
  • Comparison of configuration and real network topology

Software Development Kit

  • Customize, enhance and integrate EC-Engineer


EC-Engineer Configuration and Diagnosis Tool


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