EC Analog & Digital I/O

The EtherCAT rack system from UNITRO, consisting of 19 "racks and 4 plug-in cards, was specially developed for the control of a simulation switchgear of a nuclear power plant in Germany. The task was to communicate with a large computer with query and control of up to 35,000 operating and display elements Of-the-art systems, with a total of 136 racks with over 2000 cards, each slot is equipped with a separate ESC and SPI, 2176 ESC are operated on one bus.

Product data:

  • EC Mainboard 1/16: 19" rack with 3U 84M bus board, with power supply and 16 I / O plug-in cards 4M 2x15 pin
  • EC-16/16: 4-pin plug-in card with 16 inputs 24 V / 6 mA and 16 outputs 24 V / 20 mA short-circuit proof
  • EC-8/0 ana: 4M plug-in card with 8 analog inputs 0-20 mA / 0-10 V, resolution 14 bit
  • EC 0/8 ana: 4M plug-in card with 8 analog outputs 0-10 V, resolution 14 bit, cut-off voltage 20