CM60 Computer Module

The CM60 is a core module in "C" stations. The powerful processor, along with the highly integrated communication busses, makes this processor module a key building block in a kk-electronic "C" station. CM60 can either be top level processor module, controlling and servicing the communication and instrumentation network, or it can be set as slave in an existing network, where local processor power or higher local sub-network update frequencies are needed. Working memory is, for stability and safety purposes, subject to continuous ECC control. ECC enables automatic correction of any single bit error and detection of multiple bit errors.


  • Ethernet 100 Mbit/s (RJ45) interface
  • EtherCAT Master LVDS bus connection to sub modules
  • EtherCAT slave LVDS bus connection from other EtherCAT net
  • USB 2,0 host for external storage attachment
  • 512 Mbyte fast working RAM with ECC supervision (Error-correcting code)
  • 128 Mbyte program Flash
  • The system is programmable through Matlab/Simulink, CoDeSys and C/C++
  • 512 Kbyte NVRAM
  • 8 Mbyte serial flash for data / log
  • Integrated watchdog supervision of all slaves and masters in a system
  • Single 5 VDC external supply from PS60
  • Internal DC/DC converters with supervision
  • Internal temperature measurement
  • Real Time Clock with capacitive power backup
  • Output enable control and monitoring
  • Station ready control and monitoring
  • Temperature range -35° C to 70°


CM60 Computer Module



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