EtherCAT Drive Controller deSDAC 3100

with integrated safety functions

Controller between a superior master computer and machine periphery. It is dual-channel redundant with mutual comparison and thereby complies with the safety requirements SIL3 according  to DIN EN 61508. With the use of PROFIsafe modules in the PROFIBUS slave the process peripherals fulfill safety-related demands.

The drive controller is designed as EtherCAT slave. EtherCAT significantly increases the compatibility with the control computer level. An external diagnostics and operation terminal is available for on site handling.

The drive controller is constructed modularily. The main unit has all interfaces integrated that are constantly needed for drive control. This includes BUS interface, position encoder connections and set value outputs.

It is possible to realize the process periphery as a modular PROFIBUS slave according to application requirements.

Here, digital and analogue signals are coupleable and additional position encoders (e.g. for monitoring) as well as several measuring instruments can be attached.


  • C++ programming system and manifold support in the form of libraries and function blocks 
  • The external diagnostics and operation terminal offers
    • Start-up support (display of peripheral status
    • Diagnostics function (display of in-app values with option to change modification
    • On site handling with simple manual mod
    • USB host for firmware uploads from USB storage media (USB dongle, cell phone)
  • The EtherCAT interface introduces new possibilities in the communication between master computer and axis controllers. That is, in combination operated axes (e.g. electronic line shaft) are able to respond quicker to incidents and can be synchronized. 
  • The connections for position encoders are powered by a CPLD module. This guarantees absolute accurate real-time capability and robust signal processing including filtering.

Technical Data

  • Number of selectable drives: two
  • Safety functions and integrity: according to DIN EN 61508 (SIL3), DIN EN ISO 13849-1 (Kat.4)
  • Controller system: Twin system ARM7 LPC2292
  • Application program memory: ca. 1 MByte
  • Interfaces: EtherCAT, PROFIBUS with PROFIsafe functionality
    2x SSI-Encoder, 2x incremental encoder, interpretation with CPLD and controller
    2 analogue outputs ±10V
    2x watchdog relays output
    2x RS232 as programming, diagnostics and terminal interface
  • Housing: for switchboard mounting, installation panel aluminum,
    60 mm x 178 mm x 248 mm (w x h x d)
  • Controls: address adder, reset button, extensive display of particular conditions  with LED for diagnostics and startup
  • Power supply:   24 VDC, ca. 0.4 A


  • SIL3 safety
  • EtherCAT as Real-Time-Ethernet-Interface
  • Modular structure
  • Quick synchronization of in combination operated axes


  • Theater technology and stagecraft
  • Production and logistics facilities
  • Machine tools
  • Printing machines


EtherCAT Drive Controller deSDAC 3100


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