Kuhnke FIO Drive Control

Kuhnke FIO is a system of I/O modules for interconnecting the process signals in an EtherCAT network. It consists of the bus coupler and a range of I/O modules.

This extremely compact drive controller is the general-purpose solution for both, stepper motors and brushless DC motors. Magnetic field-orientated vector control and encoder feedback plus sine wave commutation ensure highly dynamic, very efficient, smooth and balanced operation at low running noise - particularly when it comes to driving stepper motors. Step errors are corrected along the path already and the load angle error is eliminated within a single full step. Owing to continuous motor current monitoring, the control unit supplies just as much power as necessary, thus making the system very energy-efficient. An integrated web server helps to set up the unit. Thus, no software needs to be installed to configure the module. Instead, any PC featuring and Ethernet port and a web browser will do. Furthermore this compact drive controller has the cULus certification.

Drives can run in either of the following modes:

  • Profile Position mode
  • Velocity mode
  • Profile Velocity mode
  • Profile Torque mode
  • Homing mode
  • Cyclic synchronous position mode
  • Cyclic synchronous velocity mode
  • Cyclic synchronous torque mode

System properties

Supply Voltage
Motor Supply Voltage
Bus interface
Integrated digital I/Os

Motor types
Motor feedback
Operating temperature
Protection class
Dimensions (WxHxD)
EMC immunity / emission
Single axis drive controller
24 VDC (-15 % / +20 %)
12..72 VDC
EtherCAT 100Mbit/s LVDS: E-Bus
5 high switching inputs (e.g. 2 x limit stop, 1x ref., ...)
3 low switching inputs
1 output 24V 0,5A
push-in plug with mechanical ejection
2 phase stepper or brushless dc motor
Hall sensors / incremental encoders
Integrated Webserver for configuration and diagnosis
0°C ... + 55°C
IP 20
Plastic, rack in aluminium for assembly on 35 mm DIN rail
25 mm x 120 mm x 90 mm
conforms to EN 61000-6-2


Kuhnke FIO Drive Control


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Kendrion Kuhnke Automation GmbH

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