Sigma-7 200V Series

The New Sigma-7 Series: Quick – Fast – Reliable

The development of the new Sigma-7 series focused on three main goals: consistently fast commissioning, high production output and maximum operational reliability. The series offers a powerful response to today‘s market requirements for both machine constructors and final customers in the production industry. Sigma-7 offers particularly great potential for packaging plants, semiconductor manufacturing, wood processing and digital printing machines.

  • Quick – Fast - Reliable
  • EtherCAT embedded
  • Single- and dual axis amplifier
  • One amplifier for linear and rotary motors
  • Outstanding frequency response of 3.1 kHz
  • Advanced safety functions
  • Impressive system performance with ripple compensation
  • 24-bit absolute encoder for max. accuracy
  • Downsizing by up to 20%
  • Cost saving

The EtherCAT (CoE) option implements the CANopen drive profile (CiA402) with the EtherCAT digital communication bus. This allows the user to control a Sigma-7 amplifier with an EtherCAT master in a variety of different modes (cyclic synchronous position, cyclic synchronous velocity, cyclic synchronous torque, interpolated position, profile position, profile velocity, or profile torque).

  • The STO function is embedded in all Sigma-7 series servo amplifiers
  • Sigma-7 satisfies the requirements of SIL 3 and PL-e
  • The safety functions SS1, SS2 and SLS can be integrated by using the safety module


Sigma-7 200V Series




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