SPiiPlusSC Soft, PC Based, Motion Controller & EtherCAT Master

ACS offers a powerful line of EtherCAT Network control solutions addressing the most demanding needs of OEMs for multi-axis motion centric machinery. The controller combines the highly capable SPiiPlus motion and machine control PLC software and an EtherCAT master.

The EtherCAT master controller can be either 

  • A soft controller running on a PC (SPiiPlusSC)
  • A dedicated standalone economical controller (SPiiPlusNTM)
  • Embedded within any of the line of Control Modules, such as the MC4U or SpiiPlusCMnt-2

All controllers use the same software and development tools.

As an example, you can start working with the SPiiPlusNTM, developing your complete application, interface set up and tuning, and afterwards switch to the SPiiPlusSC, gaining the added performance and cost benefits, with practically zero effort.

  • Up to 64 fully synchronized axes using a distributed clock with jitter better than 0.1 microsecond
  • Hundreds and more I/O points
  • Open architecture – supports ACS and qualified third party EtherCAT components
  • Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) control algorithms for multi axis systems such as Gantry tables and articulated robots

SPiiPlusSC - PC Based Soft Motion Controller & PLC

  • ACS SPiiPlusSC (Soft Controller) software package converts any compatible standard PC into a powerful multi-axis motion and machine controller without the need to plug into the PC a dedicated control card.
  • The SPiiPlusSC is targeted for high performance multi-axis applications, such as SMT electronic assembly, wire bonders, packaging machines, where previously a dedicated motion controller was plugged into the PC to support the high speed communication needed between the system application software and the motion controller.
  • The SPiiPlusSC controls up to 64 axes with full and flexible coordination, and hundreds and thousands of I/Os connected to the EtherCAT network. It supports motor drivers that are made by ACS as well as other vendor’s drives and I/O that complies with CAN application protocol over EtherCAT (CoE) protocol.
  • It communicates with the Windows based application thru shared RAM and also thru TCP/IP protocol.
  • The SPiiPlusSC package includes the SPiiPlus motion control software combined with a Virtual Machine and a real-time operating system (RTOS).
  • Like all ACS SPiiPlus line of controllers, it can be programmed both by PLCOpen IEC61131-3 language and by ACSPL+ powerful multi-tasking motion language.
  • The SPiiPlusSC is complemented by a comprehensive application development tools for programming, tuning, and maintenance.


SPiiPlusSC Soft, PC Based, Motion Controller & EtherCAT Master


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