EtherCAT Development and Consulting Services

NetTechnix offers hardware and software engineering specializing in Fieldbus and Real-Time-Ethernet systems. Implementations based on modules or chip level can be provided, as well as EtherCAT stacks with source code.

NetTechnix is an ideal partner for a successful product launch - featuring customized and innovative ideas for extending products and new developments, as well as engineering consulting to maximize benefit for your organization.

Due to the ETG-SEMI TWG membership, this strongly customer oriented company also provides extensive detailed knowledge for developing ETG specifications as an additional value for EtherCAT projects.

NetTechnix EtherCAT services in detail

  • Consulting
    Evaluation of the ideal implementation method – ASIC or module based – in consideration of all consequences in terms of costs and effort.
  • Training / Workshops
  • Preparation of requirement specifications
  • Hardware design
  • Firmware design/implementation
  • Certification
  • Project completion/handover




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