SLVDN – Compact Servo Drive

SLVDN is the family of compact digital servodrives for brushless motors which, in addition to positioning applications with trapezoidal profile, electrical shaft, electronic cam, spindle orientation, simulator of stepper motor and torque control, holds a PLC inside able to talk to the most common industrial programming systems, giving a great freedom of use of the inputs and outputs. It also allows the development of additional configurations to the basis features of the drive, such as gains adjustment of the loop in relation to speed or space, monitoring of the torque used for tools usury etc. The SLVDN range is equipped with a serial interface RS-422/RS-485 allowing the operator to configure, monitoring, give commands to up to 32 units simultaneously. A CANbus interface is available both in communication mode and in real time mode with SBCCan, DS301, DS402 protocols. Typical applications: packaging, pick&place, automatic machines in general.

Common Product Features

  • From 1.25 A to 15 A continuous current
  • 230 VAC, 1 and 3 phase operation
  • Internal braking resistor
  • Configurable feedback
  • Current, torque and speed control
  • Positioner
  • Electronic shaft
  • Electronic cam
  • Internal PLC – programming according to IEC61131-3 (option)
  • Standard interface: RS232/485, SBCCAN
  • Optional interface: EtherCAT, CANopen (DS301, DS402)
  • Internal EMC filter for three phase power supply


SLVDN – Compact Servo Drive


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