EtherCAT Workbench

Key features

  • Built-in EtherCAT master to support an online topology scan as well as initialization and monitoring of an EtherCAT network.
  • Export of configuration files compliant to the EtherCAT Network Information (ENI) format which are accepted by EtherCAT masters of different vendors.
  • Configuration based on a user extendable repository of standard EtherCAT Slave Information (ESI) files which are supplied by the device vendor. Configuration of devices without ESI files possible using the online information stored in the devices ESI EEPROM.

Network configuration

  • Offline configuration using intuitive drag'n'drop interface.
  • Online configuration based on network topology scan.
  • Instantly usable configuration which covers all EtherCAT configuration aspects (SM / FMMU / DC setup, PDO mapping, etc.) without detailed knowledge about the EtherCAT technology.
  • Enhanced editor to create/read/write/modify ESI EEPROM data.
  • Main application window

Network diagnostic

  • Free run mode initializing and monitoring the EtherCAT network controlling the EtherCAT state machine of individual slaves.
  • Sophisticated graphical network topology viewer.
  • Online read and write access to EtherCAT slave device register, memory and object dictionary using dialogs with advanced filter capabilities.
  • Read/write access to process data with charting support.
  • Access to statistical Ethernet and EtherCAT data.
  • Logging capability for EtherCAT slave CoE emergency messages, EtherCAT master and Workbench events.


EtherCAT Workbench


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