EtherCAT Box EPxxxx (industrial housing), IP67

High performance for harsh environments

The robust design of the EtherCAT Box modules enables them to be used directly at the machine. Control cabinets and terminal boxes are now no longer required. The modules are fully sealed and therefore ideally prepared for wet, dirty or dusty conditions. Pre-assembled cables significantly simplify EtherCAT and signal wiring. Commissioning is optimised. In addition to pre-assembled EtherCAT, power and sensor cables, field-configurable connectors and cables are available for maximum flexibility. Depending on the application, the sensors and actuators are connected via M8 or M12 screwtype connectors or D-sub plugs.

The EtherCAT modules cover the typical range of requirements for IP 67 I/O signals: digital inputs with different filters (3.0 ms or 10 μs), digital outputs with 0.5 and 2 A output current, combination modules with freely selectable inputs or outputs, analog inputs and outputs with 16-bit resolution, thermocouple and RTD inputs, and stepper motor modules. XFC (eXtreme Fast Control) modules, including inputs with time stamp, are also available. The availability of XFC EtherCAT Box modules enables a wide range of new applications that were not possible in the past with an IP 67 module.

The majority of the EtherCAT Box modules are approved for the extended temperature range of -25 to +60 °C (storage temperature -40…+85 °C). This way, the standard IP 67 modules can also be used in extreme climates.




EtherCAT Box EPxxxx (industrial housing), IP67


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