Embedded PC series CX9000, CX9010, CX9020

The CX9000 and CX9010 Embedded PCs offer a compact and high-performance yet cost-effective PLC and Motion Control system for DIN rail installation. The main feature of these units is the energy-saving Intel® IXP420 CPU with XScale® technology and the Microsoft Windows CE operating system.

CX9000: Embedded PC with integrated EtherCAT Terminal interface

The CX9000 is a compact, DIN rail-mountable Ethernet controller with Intel® IXP420 with XScale® technology and 266 MHz clock frequency. The connection for the Beckhoff I/O systems is directly integrated in the CPU module. The CX9000 is available in one version for EtherCAT Terminals with E-bus. The CX9000 comprises the CPU, the internal flash memory with two configuration options, the main memory (RAM) (available in two different sizes), and NOVRAM as non-volatile memory. Two Ethernet RJ 45 interfaces are also part of the basic configuration. These interfaces are connected to an internal switch and offer a simple option for creating a line topology without the need for additional Ethernet Switches.

CX9010: Embedded PC with integrated EtherCAT Terminal interface

The only difference between the CX9010 and the CX9000 is the faster 533 MHz CPU. Like in the CX9000, it is an ARM- based Intel® CPU with XScale® technology, and Windows CE is used as the operating system. All system interfaces of the CX9010 are identical with the CX9000 interfaces. The CX9010 controller is always equipped with a heat sink, irrespective of whether a DVI/USB interface is installed. The CX9010 is fully software-compatible with the CX9000, while the CX9010 has higher memory capacity with 32 MB internal Flash and 128 MB RAM.

CX9020: Compact high-performance controller for PLC and Motion Control

The new CX9020 Embedded PC represents remarkably compact, state-of-the-art PC Control. The fanless CX9020 is equipped with a powerful 1 GHz ARM Cortex™ A8 processor and is suitable for a wide range of PLC and Motion Control applications in small- and medium-sized machines, systems or buildings. A multi-interface can be configured ex factory, if required, offering scope for numerous optional extensions, from an audio interface up to the connection of fieldbus masters or slaves.


Embedded PC series CX9000, CX9010, CX9020


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