Sitara™ AM437x Industrial Development Kit

By expanding EtherCAT technology on this platform powered with a 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor and a rich set of peripherals such as Gigabit Ethernet, PWM subsystem and on-chip SAR ADCs, customers can develop highly integrated single chip industrial drive solutions. Additionally, the Sitara AM437x processors allow developers to differentiate and optimize motor control industrial system design through the AM437x industrial development kit (IDK). The kit aids in the evaluation of the multi-protocol, industrial communication and feedback interface capabilities of the Sitara AM437x processors. The AM437x IDK combines motor control feedback and certified industrial Ethernet protocols providing a single-chip drive solution for Inverter, servo drive or AC premium drive. 

Integration of PLC side communication and motor side communication into a single chip provides optimized solution in terms of performance (latency and jitter) and cost. AM437x processors absorb external FPGA and ASIC functions into a single chip. It is the first ARM MPU which support integrated sigma delta decimation filter for isolated current measurement.