simco® drive

simco® drive is a smart low voltage servo amplifier for sine-commutated servo motors with up to 2500 W continuous power. The drive is available in IP20 for cabinet mounting or IP65 for decentral machine applications. The drive system can thus be integrated into the machine architecture in a flexible, modular way with only minimal cabinet space and wiring required.

All standard communication interfaces and a wide range of encoder interfaces are provided to ensure high usability and easy implementation in your application. The integrated safety function STO (Safe Torque off) to SIL3 ensures the safe disconnection of the drive system in case of an emergency. Thanks to intelligent software features like condition monitoring via an integrated web server, fast diagnostics due to an event logging with a real-time clock and decentral implementation of motion tasks (decentral intelligence) the simco® drive increases the transparency and productivity of the drive system. With a high resolution current control, the simco® drive is suitable for high precision applications, e.g. in the machine tool, electronic or packaging industries. In combination with several servo-motors simco® drive offers a perfect solution for safe, efficient and smart applications.

Features at a glance:

  • Power supply voltage: 16-56 VDC
  • Compact and space-saving housing with protection ratings IP20 and IP65
  • Supports communication interface EtherCAT with CoE. Other leading fieldbus systems are supported
  • Intuitive commissioning and diagnostics with PC-based user interface/MotionGUI software
  • Wireless and device independent condition monitoring with the integrated web server
  • Realization of stand-alone applications by programming individual motion tasks
  • STO safety function in accordance with SIL
  • Encoder interfaces: BISS C, EnDAT2.2, Hall effect sensor, resolver
  • Inputs/outputs: 4 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs
  • Fast current measurements with high-resolution current control: 8µs/14 bit


simco® drive


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