CIO: Compact-I/O EtherCAT

The Compact-I/O module concept offers a cost effective solution for mass production machine builders.

Based on customer needs all required I/Os will be integrated within one compact I/O module with standard CAN application protocol over EtherCAT fieldbus interface.

Also total costs can be reduced thanks to preconfigured wiring and leave out assembling of standard modular I/O systems.

The CIO-EtherCAT module of the Compact-I/O product line is impressive, at it is compact and robust at the same time. With its low installation height, even under limited installation space conditions, decentralized sensors and actuators may be integrated into the control and communication network. This step extremely reduces wiring and increases stability, particular in the aspect of the rising popularity of a modular machine design.


CIO: Compact-I/O EtherCAT


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