Versatile Servo Drives MOVO

MOVO_ECAT is an intelligent versatile servo drive who is equipped with rich command words and has various encoder protocols and wide motor applicability.


  1. General-purpose Servo Drive corresponding to EtherCAT
  2. High-speed Positioning within High Resolution, Multi-axes electronic CAM, DDA-Contouring, Robot
  3. Multi-mode Servo for Position, Speed, Acceleration, Torque and Current-vector
  4. Trajectory generation for Position, Speed, Acceleration and Torque by Third-order Feedforward
  5.  Command process which Combined with Servo System in Real Time by Language-MOV/2
  6. User programable motion by Flash memory
  7. Encoder Protocols (optional):
    Heidenhain-EnDat 2.2, Renishaw-Biss, Micro-E, Nikon, Tamagawa, Mitsutoyo, Yaskawa-Sigma, Minas
  8. Auto tuning
  9. Notch Filters
  10. Frequency Response Analyzer (optional):
    FRA, DFT, Bode
  11. Applicable motors:
    Linear or Rotary ACM, DCM, VCM, STEP
  12. Power supply voltage:
    AC 100V, 200V (1/3 PH)
    DC 24V-48V, 40V-155V, 80V - 310V
  13. Output power:
    80W - 8kW (DC, AC)


Versatile Servo Drives MOVO



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