Intelligent Print Mark Detection Sensor IDS

Intelligent Print Mark Detection Sensor for the Realisation of Integrated Register Control Systems in Drive Systems with EtherCAT and other leading fieldbus Systems.

  • Direct embedding of a powerful, cost efficient register control in drive automation systems of different providers
  • Now new as well for the large variety of EtherCAT- drive systems
  • White-light-sensor with high resolution grey scale value measurement – reliable detection of slight colour- and reflection-differences
  • Sampling of the web via fibre optic link with micro objective (lens) – Precision in the range of a few µm at web speeds up to 1000m/min
  • Detection of all common classical print marks – wedge- and block- marks, dimensions adjustable
  • Coverage of practically all applications using wedge- and block- marks – price sensitive segments like register controlled coating/laminating as well as sophisticated flexo- and gravure-printing applications
  • Availability of the complete hard- and software for the embedding of the register control – function library over user-interface to support set
  • Excellent product support on the basis of long-time experience



Intelligent Print Mark Detection Sensor IDS


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