Linear Position Monitoring and Measuring Transducer

With no moving parts, the Micropulse AT is impervious to environmental contamination such as dust and grit. It is also shock and vibration rated for use in demanding industrial applications. The convenient M12 connector assures easy installation and quick replacement without the need to remove and reinstall hardwired cabling.

The round housing of the Micropulse AT allows the unit to be rotated to sense the position magnet in multiple directions, enhancing installation flexibility. The position magnet is a floating design, meaning no mechanical linkage is required, saving cost and reducing installation complexity. Linkage is eliminated as a source of backlash error. No mechanical linkage also eliminates over-stroking as a potential source of sensor breakage and production downtime.

Cost-effective EtherCAT solutions for hydraulic cylinder feedback. Micropulse linear position transducers in a rod style housing are designed for use in hydraulic cylinders. Optimal control quality of the hydraulic axes is achieved through dynamic, highly-repeatable position measurement. The rod style BTL6 is ideal for position monitoring applications that do not require closed-loop control.

The BTL6 single-connector system allows direct connection to existing EtherCAT installations.

  • Ideal for position monitoring applications that do not require distributed clock
  • Native EtherCAT communication and absolute output signal
  • Eliminates noise concerns coming from normal analog measurements