SIC400 Modular Hardware & Software Kit

Modular hardware and software kit for your safety related development

Modular Overview:

  • Hardware modules (Safe CPU and Safe I/O boards available)
  • Hardware integration packages (HW design)
  • Software
  • available as complete safe library with integration guide
  • additionally Fieldbus Stacks FSoE Slave and Master available
  • Integration packages for Fieldbus Stacks


  • CPU: 2-channels Cortex M4 180 MHz, 1024 KByte Flash and 256KByte internal RAM, each extensiblitlity with 2 pc. max I/O-moduls
  • I/O: 8 x 24 VDC inputs testable, 4 outputs testable 24VDC
  • Fieldbus: EtherCAT Slave by 2x RJ45
  • Voltage supply 5 VDC, Status LEDs for fieldbus
  • Power Supply Unit: input 24 VDC, output 5 VDC

Software SIC100:

  • Modular software, object-oriented concept
  • Interfaces to user defined software:
    • application part
    • HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer)
  • Input & output in sw and hw configurable - functional or safety
  • 1/2 channel architecture available, suitable for projects up to SIL3

Software FSoE Slave Stack (certified) or Master Stack

  • Intelligent safety solution based on EtherCAT®

Software Prozessor-Testlibrary CORA

  • Software where with large parts of the hardware testing can be realised, that is necessary according to IEC 61508
  • Certified for ARM7/9, Cortex M3/4 and A8 as compliant item


SIC400 Modular Hardware & Software Kit


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