AMS 338i - Absolute laser distance measurement system

The AMS 338i optical laser measurement system measures distances to stationary as well as moving system parts. The light emitted by the laser diode is reflected by a reflector onto the receiving element of the AMS 338i. The high absolute measurement accuracy of the laser measurement system as well as the short integration time are designed for position control applications.


  • The AMS 338i is equipped with an EtherCAT interface for transferring the measured distances, speed as well as various status messages
  • Integrated 2-port switch
  • Absolute measurement system with very high accuracy, tested by the PTB (German Metrology Institute) 
  • Operating range: up to 300m 
  • Standard M12 plug connectors 
  • Simple handling due to separate fasting and alignment elements 
  • Display informs about device status 
  • For outdoor or low-temperature applications, a model with integrated heating is available


AMS 338i - Absolute laser distance measurement system



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