iX TxB-SoftControl

iX HMI SoftControl is a combination of two great automation products - the iX HMI solution and CODESYS. Thanks to the power of modern technology, the operator interface and the control logic can be united in one single compact hardware device. Just add standard remote I/Os and you’ll get an elegant, scalable and cost-effective solution that is cuttingedge.

The real-time operating system brings the stability of a reliable standard platform. Flexible configuration and communication iX HMI SoftControl affords configuration freedom by for example allowing you to choose the number of remote I/Os. As the soft control functionality lies in the operator panel rather than as an additionally mounted module on the panel, the unit remains elegantly slim. iX HMI SoftControl supports various fieldbuses to choose from – EtherCAT is one of them.


iX TxB-SoftControl


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