Point-to-point 4-axis Pulse Type Motion EtherCAT Slave Module 

AXE-5904 is a 4-axis pulse type point-to-point motion EtherCAT slave module, featuring real-time EtherCAT communication and CiA 402 device profile for machine automation applications requiring high-speed and point-to-points function. With pulse type commands, AXE-5904 supports pulse output rate up to 4MHz and encoder input up to 8MHz in 4 xAB phase mode and build-in dedicated I/O points for servo control and mechanism to facilitate building up whole machines.


  • 4-axis independent control and pulse output up to 8Mpps
  • Pulse output options: CW/ CCW, OUT/DIR
  • 4x differential encoder interface, ABZ phase
  • EtherCAT slave protocol communication
  • Support CiA 402 device profile
  • General purpose I/O: 12 DI and 3 DO





NEXCOM International Co., Ltd.

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