Digital Servo Modul DSMRW

The Digital Servo Modul DSMRW is characterized by high repeatability, robustness against load changes, fast control loops, and an excellent power form factor. The realtime fieldbus EtherCAT is an ideal extension for the steady rise in technical requirements and the implementation of a continuous digital conception.

Because of an innovative current control structure and a high PWM frequency (18kHz) very low inductive motors can be driven. Further customer benefits are the flexible sensor interface (five option slots) and a LCD module with text monitoring for servo state information. New pathes in signal processing are gone by the use of latest DSP – and FPGA – technologies, e.g. implementation of oversampling algorithms, observer structures, and state control. In addition small cycle times are implemented to reach the necessary bandwidth for controlling dynamic direct drive systems.

This DSMRW is a drive in a very compact design, with high output power and a very flexible option concept.

  • compact and modular
  • short cycle times:
    • current control 27 µs
    • position and velocity control 256 µs
  • high output power:
    • continuos current IN = 12Arms @ 325VDC-Link
    • peak current IP = 36Apeak @ 325VDC-Link
  • LC-display for status information
  • integrated 3ph - ine filter
  • wide and flexible supply range:
    • 24 V DC or 100…230 V AC (auxiliary power supply)
    • 1 x or 3 x 55 230 V AC (separate DC-Link supply)
  • connection of 2- and 3-phase motors
  • CAN application layer over EtherCAT (CoE) integrated


Digital Servo Modul DSMRW


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