Kuhnke CODESYS Starter Kit Motion

This starter kit is based on the previous starter kit. It is extended by a controller and associated motor. The inserted PLC, Kuhnke FIO controller is an embedded IPC with CODESYS V3 PLC and web server. Combined with the Kuhnke FIO Drive Control Module and the motor can generate various practical solutions. The drive controler is optimized for either a stepper motor in "closed loop" mode or a brushless servo motor. The operation and diagnostics of the drive are optimally supported by comfortable PLCopen function blocks and visualization templates of Kuhnke Motion Control Library. If you want to use the CODESYS SoftMotion, this is of course also possible on request.

With our “easy to clip-on” digital and analogue I/O modules, function modules and gateways the modular PLC allows you to expand into a complete, customized control solution.


Kuhnke CODESYS Starter Kit Motion


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