Industrial Inverter TOSVERT VF-S15 and VF-MB1

Toshiba inverter VF-S15 and VF-MB1, standard general purpose drive, is designed for controlling wide range of variable torque and constant torque application such as pumps, fans,  lifts, conveyors, machine tool, food processor and mixer as well as for process control in various types of industries.

VF-S15: Box type
VF-MB1: Slim shape type


  • EtherCAT available with optional card
  • Permanent magnetic motor (SPM, IPM) can be driven normaly for energy saving purpose (for variable torque)
  • Vector control mode generate stable, high torque power from motor startup to a desired motor operating speed
  • Auto-tuning can setup motor constant easily
  • Easily adjust the lifting application by learning function
  • 10 years, long-life design
  • Built-in noise filters to suppress electromagnetic noise
    1-ph 240V and 3-ph 500V models: Buit-in EMC noise filter
  • Sink / Source control logic
  • Compliance with the European RoHS Directive
  • Compliance with major international standards. CE,UL and CSA
  • Parameters can be set easily by the setting dial.
  • Protection of the setting parameters by four-digit password


  • 3-ph 240V: 0.4 to 15kW (VF-S15 only)
  • 1-ph 240V: 0.2 to 2.2kW
  • 3-ph 500V: 0.4 to 15kW




Industrial Inverter TOSVERT VF-S15 and VF-MB1


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