Mass Flow Controller HG200E

HG200E is the mass flow controller (MFC) which adopted EtherCAT interface.

It having high responsiveness, precision, repeatability, and reliability. It is suitable for various uses such as the fields of semiconductor production.


  • Flow stability: It maintains flow quantity precision by PI function, temperature/pressure compensation function.
  • Low unevenness: It measure the characteristic every individual by responsive learning function, and it controls the unevenness.
  • Self-diagnosis function: It checks the soundness of the device by collation with the history information that accumulated.
  • Manageability: The user can easily perform various setting, information acquisition operation by using dot matrix LCD and a memory card. It supports remote update of Firmware and presetgas.


  • Model Name: HG200E
  • Controllable Fluid: Gas
  • Flow Sensing: Thermal Sensor Type
  • Flow Calibration: Multi Gas, Multi Range
  • Full-Scale Range: 10 ~ 50,000 sccm
  • Control Range: 0.5 ~ 100% F.S.
  • Settling Time: 0.3sec ~
  • Controll I/F: EtherCAT(CoE,FoE).
  • Semiconductor Device Profile




Mass Flow Controller HG200E


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