AX58200 ADIO Demo Kit

The AX58200 ADIO Demo Kit includes AX58200 Evaluation Board and AX58200 Analog/Digital I/O Expansion Board. The AX58200 Evaluation Board supports two integrated ESC Fast Ethernet ports, one USB ICE debugger, one USB OTG port and two extended interfaces connecters (for SPI/UART/I2C/I2S/CAN/PWM/GPIO/etc.); and the AX58200 Analog/Digital I/O Expansion Board supports two rotate switches for 16‐bit EtherCAT ID, one 8‐bit DIP switch for digital input demo, eight LEDs for digital output demo, analog input/output connectors, the 3rd ESC Fast Ethernet port, one COM port for UART debugger, etc. for designers to easily evaluate the AX58200 ADIO Demo Kit functionalities quickly.

To simplify AX58200 EtherCAT products design, ASIX also provides a free Board Support Package (BSP) which includes reference schematics, PCB design guidelines, hardware/sft ware design guides, software tools, sample firmware sources, etc. for designers to easily design the AX58200 on different digital I/O control, sensors data acquisition, EtherCAT junction slave module, etc. industrial automation applications.


AX58200 ADIO Demo Kit


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