Unidrive SP Drive Range

Universal AC Drive Solutions Platform
0.37 kW - 1.9MW

Unidrive SP provides performance and flexibility to allow customers to do something new, create opportunities, improve speed, accuracy and quality - as well as reducing the footprint of the control system.

Unidrive SP spans 0.37kW to 1.9MW, all drives sharing the same flexible control interface, and is available in three formats: Panel Mount, Free-Standing and Modular. Each drive can be operated in one of six modes and additional feedback, I/O, automation controllers and fieldbus connectivity is offered with a comprehensive range of plug-in option modules, including Ethernet and EtherCAT.

The SM-EtherCAT module is compatible with the full range of Control Techniques’ AC and servo drives. The module is able to read and write cyclic data of five, 32 bit drive parameters every 250µs, synchronizing the drive’s control loops to the communications network, improving overall system performance.

The drive provides high-performance motor control for induction motors, asynchronous servo and synchronous servo motors. The mode of control is simply selected using the drive keypad. Users can choose from:

  • Servo – precision dynamic control supporting a wide range of rotary and linear motors
  • Closed Loop Vector – ultimate precision control of induction motors, offering full motor torque at zero speed
  • Rotor Flux Control – superior dynamic performance and stability without a feedback device
  • Open Loop Vector – good open loop motor performance with minimum configuration
  • Open Loop V/F – a simple control algorithm that is ideal for parallel motors
  • Regenerative – active front-end control mode for harmonic elimination and regeneration

Unidrive SP hardware allows the connection of virtually all industry-standard feedback encoders - and communicates with all of the most popular networks. Included as standard are software tools for rapid commissioning, a choice of keypads, integrated braking resistors and built-in EMC filter. Other options include powerful on-board automation controllers.

As a stand-alone solution or as part of a complex integrated system, the intelligent Unidrive SP AC drive offers a more compact, higher-performance and lower cost solution for a vast range of machinery automation solutions.




Unidrive SP Drive Range


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