The Deutschmann UNIGATE Gateway connects devices, such as automation components and EtherCAT networks via their serial interface. UNIGATE takes on the task of a Protocol converter and converts the different interfaces. The protocol of the terminal-unit is converted in the UNIGATE via a Script. This Script is generated with the free PC-tool 'Protocol Developer' and it is optimally adapted to the end product and the requirements of the Profinet. Changes in the firmware of the terminal-unit are not necessary.


Deutschmann UNIGATE EtherCAT is ideal for the use with terminal-units that do not have their own EtherCAT-interface. The standard DIN-rail version features the protection type IP24.

Scope of functions

The Deutschmann UNIGATE Gateway uses the complete data capacity of EtherCAT, that is 1486 byte and supports all speeds. The complete performance range of a EtherCAT is supported by UNIGATE. For the EtherCAT-connection two RJ45- connector is provided, the connection of the serial side is made through screw-plug-connector. A large number of diagnosis LEDs signal the state of the device on the EtherCAT side as well as on the serial side. The special advantage of the UNIGATE CL-series is the script-ability. Thus any changes in the firmware of the terminal-unit are not necessary. Due to the script the user has all liberties and possibility, from a simple transparent data transfer over the generation of complex protocols up to editing data.

Your advantage

With Deutschmann UNIGATE CL-modules you bring existing components (also older devices) into modern networks. As device manufacturer you save the development of the interface based on the corresponding Fieldbus or Ethernet. Due to the continuity of the Deutschmann UNIGATE CL-series Scripts that have been generated once can be used practically without changes for other types of the Unigate CL-series based on other Fieldbuses and Ethernet. The firmware adaptation of your own terminal-units becomes unnecessary.

Quickinfo UNIGATE CL-EtherCAT

  • Supports EtherCAT
  • Max. 1486 byte input- and 1486 byte output-data
  • Support of all speeds
  • Isolated EtherCAT-interface, optional galvanic isolation of the RS-side
  • Serial RS232-, RS422- and RS485-interface on board
  • Baudrate of the device's serial interface adjustable up to 625,000 bit/s
  • When using the RS485-device interface up to 32 participants can be connected
  • Script language for optimal adaptation to your field-device
  • Generation of the Script through the free Protocol Developer
  • No change in the Firmware of your terminal-unit necessary
  • Exchangeable for other Deutschmann Fieldbus Gateways and the types based on Ethernet

Technical data

  • Dimensions (BxDxH in mm): 23 x 115 x 100
  • Mounting:DIN-rail
  • Voltage supply: 10.8 up to 30 Volt DC.
  • Protection against incorrect polarity, short circuit and overload integrated
  • Current consumption: Typ. 120mA, max. 150mA
  • Operating temperature: 0°C up to +55°C
  • Fieldbus functions: All specified EtherCAT functions
  • Technology: ASIC
  • Certificates: CE
  • Galvanic division: Optional for the serial side, standard on the bus side




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