EtherCAT SDK for embedded systems

SOEM (Simple Open EtherCAT Master) based EtherCAT SDK for embedded systems.

Features the Eclipse-based rt-collab toolbox for developing embedded systems written in C/C++ for ARM, PowerPC and ADI Blackfin platforms.

SOEM - features
Redundancy, Online configuration, CoE, FoE & SoE

rt-collab toolbox

  • An eclipse based developer frontend for embedded C/C++ projects. The toolbox is standalone but also includes integrated support for code management and continuous integration on rt-collab server.
  • Integrates arm-eabi, bfin-elf and powerpc-eabi(spe) toolchains for RTOS rt-kernel but can be integrated with any GNU based toolchain.
  • Integrates the SOEM library wrapped by Java JNI for extensive support for browsing for slave(s) information like ESC registers, EEPROM data and SDO parameters.
  • Supports C-code generation of SOEM compatible IOmaps from ESI files and by online scanning.

Key features
Integrated EtherCAT SDK for efficient development of complex EtherCAT masters on embedded systems based on small footprint MCU’s.


EtherCAT SDK for embedded systems



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