LogicLab is an IEC 61131-3 development environment, the most widespread standard for programming industrial controls. The standard indications are fully implemented: all 5 languages and all data types are supported, no limits in user data type definitions, even object-oriented programming is available.
It has been designed in order to satisfy the needs and meet the skills of people who develop industrial applications.

PORTABILITY: LogicLab comes with a lightweight PLC run-time, which makes an exceptionally reduced use of hardware resources and which is easily portable on any system. Indeed, LogicLab has already been successfully ported on several 32-, 16-, and even 8-bit architectures.
Such a flexibility allows you to supply a single programming tool for the whole range of products, making cheaper the adoption of further elements for your Customers, as they will be able to work with a tool they already know and reuse the applications which were written for the products they previously purchased.

EFFICIENCY: The compiler translates applications written according to the IEC 61131-3 standard directly into machine code, avoiding the need for a run-time interpreter, thus making the program execution as efficient as possible. This feature makes LogicLab suitable also for time-critical applications (e.g., motion control) so it can support you effectively in reaching new markets.

CODE RE-USE AND DEVICE SOFTWARE INTEGRATION: On the device side, LogicLab makes easy to reuse software components in C/C++ language (de facto standard in embedded systems programming) as library blocks which are available to the programmer. In short, LogicLab allows you to preserve the value of the software you have already produced and to benefit from the skills which your staff has acquired.
On the Windows development machine, LogicLab offers a rich software interface that allows to control the IDE behavior from external applications and to share PLC workspace data (POUs, variables, definitions etc.) with them.

CUSTOMIZATION: Customization is one of the core features of the environment. Besides the graphic and logo customizations, the LogicLab IDE offers a full-featured framework that allows to develop and add to the environment any kind of custom function and feature in order to fully support the programmable device (hardware set-up, fieldbus configuration etc.)





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