The AX58100 is a 2/3-port EtherCAT slave controller, licensed from Beckhoff Automation, with two integrated Fast Ethernet PHYs which support 100Mbps full-duplex operation and HP Auto-MDIX. The AX58100 is interoperable with all EtherCAT systems with standard EtherCAT protocols such as CoE, FoE, VoE, etc. The AX58100 provides a cost-effective EtherCAT slave controller solution for industrial automation, motion/motorcontrol, digital I/O control, ADC/DAC converters control, sensors data acquisition, robotics, etc. industrial fieldbus applications.

The AX58100 provides either a three-channel PWM controller or a Step/Direction controller, and an Incremental (ABZ)/Hall encoder interface for closed-loop motion/motor control applications; provides a SPI master controller for ADC/DAC converter control and sensors data acquisition applications; provides 32 digital I/Os for industrial fieldbus I/O control applications; and also provides an I/O watchdog and an emergency stop input for industrial automation functional safety applications.

The AX58100 provides SPI slave and Local bus Process Data Interfaces (PDI) to provide an easy way for system designers to implement the standard EtherCAT communication functionalities on those traditional non-EtherCAT MCU and DSP industrial platforms.

To help customers to evaluate and develop applications with AX58100 EtherCAT slave controller, ASIX provides comprehensive technical support including reference schematics, PCB design guidelines, hardware/software application notes, user guides, software firmware, etc., and also provides AX58100 evaluation boards for designers to easily evaluate the AX58100 EtherCAT slave controller functionalities.

The AX58100 is available in 80-pin LQFP RoHS compliant package, in operating temperature range from -40 to +105°C.




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