GX-Series IO-Link Master (IP67)

IO-Link makes sensor level information visible and solves the three major issues at manufacturing sites! The screwless clamping terminal block reduces wiring work.

Omron provides two types of Masters, a Master Unit with screw-less clamp terminal blocks and a Master Unit for M12 Smartclick connectors, as IO-Link compliant devices and Sensors for connecting to the screw-less clamp terminals or to the M12 connector terminals that support each Master.


  • Machine downtime can be reduced
  • Abnormality detection for shortest recovery
  • Condition monitoring for predictive maintenance
  • Individual identification for reduction of man hours
  • Master unit with screw-less terminal block or with IP67 protection class for watery and dusty environments
  • Up to 8 sensors can be connected with one IO-Link master unit
  • Photoelectric and Proximity sensors




GX-Series IO-Link Master (IP67)



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