Power D

Power D is the most powerful member of Power Family PACs, with integrated CNC, PLC, HMI and IT functions.

Based on a high level multicore RISC processor, it can manages up to 28 interpolated axes with Look Ahead function to execute the pre-processing of the axes path in order to obtain high performance movements; their trajectory can be shaped via many different levels of Jerk in order to reduce the inertial effect of load without great loses in performances.

Through a proprietary real-time multitasking OS that cannot be infected with computer viruses because its compiler is integrated in the firmware of the controller, you can control complex machines as:

  • Plane cutting machines (Plasma, Laser, Oxy, Waterjet, Diamond disk)
  • Stone working machines (Bridge saws, Polishing, CNC contouring)
  • Woodworking machines (CNC for drilling, routing, tenoning, sawing)
  • Metal machining (3-5 axes milling, parallel & automatic lathe turning)
  • Textile (Cutting, Sewing, Labelling, Finishing & Washing)
  • Pick & Place with Articulated, Cartesian, SCARA or DELTA robots
  • Packaging and all sort of automatic machines where up to 213 local digital I/O and up to 1538 remotable digital I/O are required

The OS can manages many types of communications like:

  • EtherCAT with CoE, FoE and EoE protocols
  • Ethernet with the support of TCP/IP, FTP and ModbusTCP protocols; OPC-UA server and WEB server are also available
  • Serials RS232/RS485 protocols, also Modbus ASCII and RTU
  • USB protocols for MSD (Mass Storage Device), HID (Human Interface Device) and Gamepad

Power D, like all other Power Family controllers, provides an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with text editors and many diagnostic features, like a multi-traces oscilloscope, available in the operating system, so that it can be programmed on the field even without the use of a PC.


Power D


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