IPC@CHIP® EtherCAT Slave Development Kit

Whether you need an Embedded-Controller for the implementation of an intelligent EtherCAT-Slave or if you wish to equip an IPC@CHIP® based device additionally with an EtherCAT-Slave interface – with the choice of the IPC@CHIP® controller platform you definitely have the right solution for your decentralised automatization requirements.

With the implementation of the IPC@CHIP® your local EtherCAT device benefits automatically from the advantages of the IPC@CHIP® Embedded-Controller. The flexible programming and the comprehensive equipment provide for an adaptable implementation into all automated applications with decentralised pre-processing.

EtherCAT Slave Development Kit FK61-EC01

This Development-Kit enables a fast and cost-efficient development of EtherCAT slave systems. The Kit enlarges the basic functionality of the IPC@CHIP® Development-Kit DK61 in all functions and components needed for a quick and cost-efficient realisation of your EtherCAT-Slave application. The Development-board is based on Beckhoff’s EtherCAT-Stamp FB1120, directly attachable on IPC@CHIP® Development board DK60. The Kit provides:

  • EtherCAT function board (add-on for the DK61 development kit)
  • EtherCAT – protocol stack for IPC@CHIP® RTOS as C-library
  • support of the EtherCAT profiles CoE (CAN application protocol) and FoE (File Access)
  • free programmability in C/C++ and CoDeSys IEC61131-3
  • free usability of all interfaces and software functions of the IPC@CHIP® SC123/143
  • application sample in C and IEC61131-3
  • documentation and support


IPC@CHIP® EtherCAT Slave Development Kit


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