Absolute Encoders AFS/AFM60 EtherCAT

Singleturn Encoder: AFS60 EtherCAT (18 Bit)
Multiturn Encoder: AFM60 EtherCAT (30 Bit)

At a glance

  • Compact, multifunctional, 30-bit absolute encoder (18-bit singleturn and 12-bit multiturn) with face mount flange, servo flange and blind hollow shaft with EtherCAT interface
  • Superior diagnostic functions
    • Temperature monitoring / indication
    • Minimum/maximum speed and position
    • Indicated by flags, alarms and warnings, such as a fault header, supported by each data frame
  • Up to 62,5 µs data processing on the fly
  • Customizable input for customer specific applications using the endless shaft operation functionality
  • Maximum resolution by maximum speed

Your benefits

  • Good reliability due to embedded-switch-technology suited for e.g. ring topology networks
  • High productivity on the network due to superior diagnosis, fast communication and good redundancy
  • Early recognition of faults by intelligent diagnostic functions offers superior network recovery capability
  • Customizable, easy setup without compromising high resolution on different applications, incorporating binary as well as integer values with the endless shaft functionality
  • Easy installation with different configuration options
  • Compact housing fits in applications with tight installation space




Absolute Encoders AFS/AFM60 EtherCAT




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